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From a trend to a tool – how we’ve revamped our Internal Communications

Roxanne Newson

Internal Communications Social Community Manager

May 26, 2021

If the pandemic has taught us anything, helping employees stay connected to their colleagues and teams is essential to keep any business thriving.


At Virgin Media, enhancing how we communicate has been a key focus. We are switching up traditional methods of internal communication – long-form content, email and broadcast messaging to more open conversations, videos and live content.

How we communicate is important to ensure our messages land to the right people at the right time. As the world went virtual due to Covid-19, we became even more reliant on how we create an engaging dialogue across our business.

That’s why we launched our Enterprise Social Network (ESN) with Workplace from Facebook.


It’s not all emojis and GIFs – although we love them too. Launching an ESN means we can use this platform for multiple reasons in a secure way. For key business activities but to also bring our people together socially. We can have open communications that are in the moment with colleagues across all locations and increase the visibility of our leaders with live video and general engagement.

Launch week of Workplace saw over 200,000 connections made across our organisation as people were connecting in with each other and their teams. We’ve had over 60% adoption rate and 97% engagement rate.

There is so much potential in having an ESN in place. Successful communications can have a positive impact on work effectiveness, company culture, team play and the bottom line.

We aim to improve work effectiveness across divisions, break down any silos and develop how we collaborate. The impact that giving employees a voice to not only build connections with each other but share ideas has been fantastic.

Kirsty Walden, Head of Internal Communications – Corporate, Channels & Digital at Virgin Media

Having seen the effect Workplace (and other ESN tools) have on communication and culture at other organisations where I led similar transformations of communications including Ageas and AG Insurance, it was always our ambition to launch at Virgin Media. This launch was the final piece of the puzzle to create a channels eco-system for our people that provide a seamless experience and democratises communication by giving everyone the opportunity to join the conversation at our business.

Gemma Saint, Internal Communications Manager – Channels at Virgin Media

Workplace has been an amazing addition to Virgin Media, the adoption has been great, and I’ve loved seeing how our colleagues are building those connections that really matter. The best thing about it for me is giving our teammates the opportunity to have that two-way conversation and a chance to be heard. Already we’ve seen some brilliant content on there and we’ve managed to help solve issues quickly by working together as one big team.

Roxanne Newson, Internal Communications Social Community Manager at Virgin Media

Social Media, whether it’s internal or external is all about how you engage and excite your audience but also how you keep them informed too. I’ve worked in social media for over eight years, and I have seen how the right tools and great messaging can have the biggest impact. By launching an Enterprise Social Network, we’ve been able to keep messaging fun but instructive on a platform that many of our employees are already familiar with. It’s made communicating simpler. We post content more frequently but in a lighter, more condensed and creative way. We are aligning internal and external social content too. It’s the future of Internal Communications.

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