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Roxanne Chand

June 13, 2017


When recruiting for top talent we have a great team in-house that work behind the scenes daily to source the best of the best. We are expanding as a business and Virgin Media is made up of a variety of different departments that are looking for the right skills to get the job done. However, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ candidate. Lets face it, it would be impossible to select, as we are all so wonderfully different. However, when we recruit, there are certain characteristics that stand out and each role has its own specific criteria that we look for which is dependent on the job description itself.

We recently collaborated with LinkedIn on their ‘Find your way in’ campaign, where we highlighted the importance of a great personality in the workforce. However, personality is just one aspect that makes up a great Virgin Media person. And it’s definitely only one element that our recruiters look for when reviewing applications.

We recently caught up with Natasha Steele, one of our Recruitment Specialists here at Virgin Media to talk about our recruitment process and to better understand what we look for when we are recruiting for top talent to join our business.

“Every recruiter is different, we all have our own approach when recruiting but for me personally, one of the main things that stands out is ambition.” says Natasha.

“Ambition is something I definitely look for and I find it quite easy to spot when a candidate is ambitious – whether that’s through the jobs they have had, the number of companies they have worked for, whether they have moved up in the ranks or even something as simple as the different projects they have worked on or put themselves forward for. These are all things that to me showcase an ambitious person. It’s such a great trait to have and in my opinion, it’s usually a sign of a good candidate.”

We all know it’s impossible to truly know a person’s personality just from their CV or LinkedIn profile. I mean, there are certain things that you can read, like their personal statement or any posts they share on their LinkedIn page, but this isn’t easy to depict what their true personality is like and how could we possible judge who they are based on that? The truth is, we can’t.

So what do we look for when we scan a candidate’s CV or LinkedIn profile?

“When we first scan a CV or LinkedIn profile for any role we have to check to see if it’s relevant to what we are looking for” says Natasha, “ Most hiring managers set us an essential criteria list which is around 3-5 key things they are looking for in their new team member. So we use this as a basis and also try to find out their previous work history to better understanding their skills and experience, we put together evidence for our hiring mangers to showcase that these individuals have what we are looking for based on the criteria that has been set and also a breakdown of how their experience connects with the role itself. All skills have to be transferrable. This is dependent on each role, and of course in addition to this, we look at where they have worked and whether they would be able to handle the matrix of our fast paced business.”

Natasha believes the process is the same whether we are reviewing someone’s CV or LinkedIn profile, however, as candidates move away from the more formal CV and covering letter in their application, LinkedIn can help to make the process easier to manage for both the applicant and our recruiters.

‘The key ingredients for the perfect candidate are skill, talent, enthusiasm for the role and a good conversation’

“On LinkedIn you can see how active someone is online, we can scan for keywords which helps us to match up skills sets and we can also see if the person is proactive and constantly updating their profile. Half of the candidates I put forward are sourced via LinkedIn. Over the years I have found that the key ingredients for the perfect candidate are skill, talent, enthusiasm for the role and a good conversation,” says Natasha.

So there you have it, personality may not be the first thing we spot when we are recruiting, but it does help to make a great Virgin Media person. Oh and keep your profile up-to-date as you never know if one of our recruiters is searching for someone just like you to join our Virgin Media family.

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