Field Sales Round Table

Cat, Georgia, Emma

Field Sales Representatives

May 31, 2019


We sat down with three Field Sales Advisors to talk about life on the road with Virgin Media. It went a little something like this…

Cat, Emma, Georgia – welcome! You’re all Field Sales Advisors, so tell us– what’s the best thing about the job?

Cat: It’s the rush of closing a sale. That feeling of your work paying off is the most satisfying thing for me.

Georgia: I’d say the best thing is freedom. You get to speak to such a range of people from all walks of life and get to do it all on your own time. It’s up to you how you manage your day.

Emma: I’ll be honest and say the money! I started at 19, now 23 and to be earning what I do is a big deal for me. I’ve been able to buy a house in that time.

Okay, wow! A lot of selling points, but it’s got to come with its challenges, right?

Emma: A lot of people say the weather! But I’m not too bothered by that.

Georgia: Me neither, I find rubbish weather is where I make the most sales! More people are at home and I can just layer up and get on with it.

Cat: That’s it – you’ve got to be resilient and just get on with things.

Emma: Definitely. I think the main challenge is keeping a positive attitude regardless of whatever mood you might be in, or whatever problems you might be having.

Cat: Yeah, some days won’t be as good as others, but you’ve got to be able to put that aside, refresh and go back out there the next day.

What’s so important about “building connections that really matter?” 

Cat: I would say that having the right connections in a range of different places allows you to engage with people better. That kind of diversity allows you to see things from a different perspective.

Georgia: The rapport and connection you build with a customer can mean the difference between making a sale or not. It’s also important internally, meaning you can share knowledge with colleagues too.

Emma: Yeah, it’s great to have the opportunity to meet other people in the business and share your learning and experience, particularly with the Lean-In Circle meetings…

Lean In? Tell me more…

Emma: The Lean-In Circle is a quarterly event that invites women from the business to meet, talk and discuss key issues, and inspire and support each other.

Cat: It’s a great way to build connections with other departments too. Lean-In is such a good thing to be a part of.

Sounds great, Virgin Media are passionate about achieving a gender-balanced workforce by 2025 and in Direct Sales, we have lots of great men in our team but our female workforce is much less represented in this area which we are striving to change. How important is being part of a diverse workforce to you?

Cat: It’s so important! There aren’t many other women in my team, but I’m looking forward to that change. This role doesn’t require any specific experience and as long as you have the right attitude and love talking to customers you can be really successful.

Emma: I totally agree, having a balanced workforce is really important as it drives different perspectives and collaboration approaches. This in turn helps us understand and respond to our customers in the best way possible.

Georgia: The number of women in sales is definitely growing which is great, and I’m really proud that I work for a business that is leading the way for a balanced workforce.

And what do Virgin Media’s values mean to you?

Cat: My favourite value is Straight Up because I consider myself a straightforward person. It resonates with me as a work ethos – just getting things done.

Georgia: I agree with that one – honesty with the customer and each other is very much built into the company, that’s always made clear.

Emma: I’d say Heartfelt Service, which again ties in with honesty. It’s so important to be honest – if a product isn’t worth it for the customer, I’d tell them. We look after our customers really well.

Finally, what are your general thoughts on Virgin Media as an employer?

Georgia: I think they’re a great employer. I’ve had nothing but a great experience from the recruitment process onwards. The training was amazing and every question I had was answered – there was so much support and they gave me everything I needed to do my job.

Emma: It’s completely different to anywhere I worked before – the benefits are amazing. It seemed too good to be true at the time! I remember getting the keys to my company car at 19 and thinking, “Oh my God!” The rewards really are great, but they also take lengths to make sure your mental health and wellbeing are taken care of. I know that I have a future at Virgin Media.

Cat: I’d say the money and the benefits of course, but it goes much deeper than that. The team environment is perfect for me, and I think it’s particularly strong in sales. It’s a really fulfilling role and I’m really looking forward to my future here at Virgin Media!

Cat, Emma, Georgia – thank you.

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