Supporting STEM through Virgin Media

Emma Thomas

November 16, 2015

Virgin Media have supported my passion and ambition for promoting STEM based activities in schools in recent years. When I started on the Engineering Graduate scheme in 2012, I had just taken up a role to voluntarily run a National Educational scheme (EWB-Outreach) promoting STEM in an international development context. During the graduate scheme I used my charity day to volunteer for Engineers without Borders (EWB) and presented this as part of our 6 monthly placement reviews. Since then I have great support and have become more involved in STEM….

With the help of other graduates and senior management support, we have set-up a Professional Network (EWB-PN / [email protected]) which has been running since mid-2014. We attend STEM events and run STEM based workshops for local schools, ranging from practical workshops to career advice events. I’m really pleased that many of the Graduates here at Virgin Media are proud of their STEM careers and want to share this passion and knowledge with school students and teachers alike – it’s contagious!

In the past few months, I’ve been accepted onto the WISE Young Woman’s Board, which Virgin Media have supported whole heartedly. I’m supported and encouraged to attend conferences, awards, training and board meetings to further my career and fulfil the role on this board and my career ambitions; plus I get to explore the interesting area of bridging the Engineering skills shortage in the UK among others!

It took a while for me to let anyone in Virgin Media know about the extracurricular work I did – It took a year before anyone knew about the Education Programme from when I first started. What I can say now is that Virgin Media are very supportive of this, so if you do volunteer let them know – they will support you! If you aren’t current involved in any STEM activities you can become involved at Virgin Media and I thoroughly recommend it.

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