Don’t doubt – Shout!

Roxanne Newson

March 13, 2019


As you embark on a new leader focused role, keep these things in mind to get your new career of to a flying start. All your interview preparation paid off – you nailed it! You’ve just had the call. You put the phone down and it starts to sink in. Management. Me. Gulp!

Great managers lead, inspire, support, motivate, protect – the list goes on and on. When you’re just about to step into your first management role it can be daunting. It’s easy to doubt yourself, to play down the qualities that your employer has identified in you as being ready to move your career to the next level. You start to panic that you’ll mess up. Well, you won’t be the first new manager to think that way and you certainly won’t be the last! Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and keep these things in mind to build your confidence and get your management career on the right track from day one.

You Got the Job!

Don’t forget this. There were plenty of other candidates, it’s likely some were more experienced than you, better qualified, perhaps even better looking (as hard as that may be to believe!). But your qualities shone through and you got the job. Allow yourself the boost to your self-esteem that this brings and carry those positive feelings into your new role. The power of positive thinking is vital to becoming a successful manager.

Look, Listen And Learn

It may likely be the case that you’re now managing a team you’ve not worked with before, or managing processes you’re currently unfamiliar with. Trying to micromanage everything at once isn’t going to work! You need to take time to meet your new team, collectively and individually – as well as learning from them to build a team spirit that gives confidence to you and the whole company.

You’re Not A Superhero

Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is very healthy, and another important factor in your level of confidence. You’re going to fail now and then, accept that from day one. Reaching out for help when necessary is important. By asking for help you are delegating appropriately as a manager, building a team ethic and learning from the experience of seeing the problem solved, which boosts your confidence in tackling the problem should it ever arise again.

Be The Boss

Whilst it’s vital to involve your team in the decision-making process, it’s vital they know that you’re making the decisions. Confidence isn’t arrogance, but once you’ve made a decision, stick to your guns and see it through. Don’t keep changing your mind – this risks showing a lack of confidence that will be communicated throughout your team and undermine the managerial authority that you’re striving to build. Remember to be brave, even if you’re shaking inside!

Have Fun!

Keeping positive and having fun is so important, but it’s often neglected. Yes, work is important, and often serious, but keeping positive and enjoying work makes life easier for both you and your team. Enthusiasm is infectious and builds confidence, so keep smiling! Reward yourself and the team when things go well and don’t dwell on setbacks. Enjoy yourself, boss!

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