Do you have what it takes?

Neil Chivers

January 8, 2019


Every job role is different, and you’ll find a range of specific skills listed in job descriptions. But there are some skills, which are needed across the board, no matter where you work, whether it’s in a call centre or a sales office.

Regardless of the job role you’re eyeing up, if you want to knock the socks off the person interviewing you, or just generally be an outstanding employee, there are some core skills you need to master.

Take a look at the highly desirable qualities below:


Studies show body language impacts who people hire and how they interpret you.

  • Tackle any self-doubt head on – Address areas where you lack confidence.
  • Your body can change your mind – How you carry yourself can influence your confidence, so stand tall, as though you mean business.
  • Dress for the part – What you wear can make you feel more confident, so pick out something that makes you feel the part.
  • Exude confidence even if you are nervous – People can’t see your nerves unless it comes across, so always act confident, even if you don’t feel confident.
  • Always be prepared – You’ll naturally feel more confident if you arrive early, have prepped your work and done your research.
  • Don’t be afraid to sell yourself – Give yourself credit where credit is due, celebrate those big wins and demonstrate how awesome you are.


When it comes to chasing your dreams and achieving success at work – slow and steady does not win the race. It’s time to embrace your ambitions and run with them!

  • Set clear goals – Make sure you set targets and constantly focus on working towards them.
  • Ignite your competitive side – A little competition never hurt anyone, so step up your game and set yourself apart from the rest.
  • Face your fears – Don’t avoid doing something because it’s hard or you’ve never done it before.
  • Always follow up – Be persistent, don’t give up. Chase leads and opportunities.


Sometimes you have to put your foot down and go with your gut. Here’s how to be assertive at work:

  • Put your opinion forward – If you have something useful to say then don’t be afraid to say it.
  • Show confidence – If it appears as though you are confident about what you are saying, people are more likely to listen and take notice.
  • Put your foot down – Stand up for what you believe in and stay true to yourself.

 People skills

If you can bring people around to your way of thinking, and build strong working relationships, you’ll be climbing that career ladder in no time.

  • Respect others – Be polite, know your office etiquette.
  • Compliment others – Compliment people when you get the chance.
  • Lend a hand – Help colleagues out. Not only will this reflect well on you but they may return the favour in the long run.

Be sociable – You don’t have to go out after work every single Friday, but make an effort to be sociable and interact with your fellow colleagues.

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