Creating a Personal Development Plan

Dan Radcliffe

December 19, 2016

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m into the third month at Virgin Media on the VMB graduate scheme. It’s been a challenging start with a lot of information to learn, but in the short amount of time that I’ve been with Virgin Media, I’m aware of the development of some of the core skills to my role.

As part of the graduate scheme, there’s a significant emphasis on training and development, something that was particularly important to me when applying for graduate jobs. In addition to my graduate in-take on-boarding, I’ve had role-specific product training and a really useful training session on maximising the impact of personal development.

Between my placement year and starting the graduate scheme, I hadn’t taken much time to think about personal development, career aspirations and what I wanted to get out of each of my rotations. I found the recent personal development workshop really useful for kick-starting how I’ve begun to look at what I want to achieve.

Through creating a PDP (personal development plan) in the workshop I learnt about the personal blockers I have in place preventing me achieving the targets in my current role, the graduate scheme as a whole and my longer-term career goals. I’ve focussed on the most relevant weaknesses and I was shown the importance of developing strengths rather than trying to perfect all of my weaknesses. After all, my weaknesses will never be a strength of mine.

The workshop aligned my focus on what to do in my current rotation to make the most of it, how to try and structure my next rotation and overall what I want the scheme to prepare me for when considering roles post-graduate scheme. The conversations I had around careers planning were particularly helpful for my next actions via my PDP, the most beneficial colleagues to speak with in my network and how each placement will contribute to my career choices in 2 years’ time.

My biggest takeaway is the importance of thinking of personal development early and planning how to benefit the most from each placement.


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