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Jo Barnes

November 14, 2017

I’ve worked for Virgin Media for five years now and my journey has been pretty epic so far. I started my career as a Sales Executive in our Peterborough store. In the first six months of being with the business I’d smashed my targets. It was an awesome feeling and I had so much support from the Store Manager, the Sales Team Leader and my team. We were all really target driven so it was all about being the best we could be and hitting our targets to earn as much as we possibly could.


Because I achieved that with the support of my team and the training I was given, I was promoted to Assistant Manager, which was such a great experience for me.

After two years as Assistant Manager, my Regional Manager approached me about a Retail Sales Coach position, which I accepted. Being a Retail Sales Coach was such good fun. It enabled me to travel to different stores in the country, sharing best practice tips and leading by example through coaching and observations.

After working as a Retail Sales Coach for two years, I made the move into Retail Kiosk as a Field Sales Manager role for the South West.

Within this role, I was given more responsibility as well as a larger team to manage.

I recruited quite a few members of staff and worked on developing my team. For me, both personally and professionally, development is key. I’m a huge advocate of the Virgin Media brand and I firmly believe that with the right support you can achieve great things within this business. This is something I really pushed on to my team, I wanted them to be successful and want more for themselves.

Virgin Media is a very fast paced company with incremental change. If you’re not ready to keep moving forward on the Virgin Media bus then you’re going to be left behind. I try and share this message as much as I can because I want my team to feel supported and be the best they can possibly be.

I initially joined Virgin Media because I’m a huge fan of Richard Branson – everyone knows about it. Now, I stay because I’m developing at my own pace, I work for an organisation that’s thriving and attached to so many different channels and best of all, it’s a great brand.

Everything I know now about Virgin Media I have been taught. We have a great induction programme where you will get the support you need. We will help you learn all about different sales techniques, the products and history of the business, as well as training on how to sell the products.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to work for Virgin Media I would say bring the energy and enthusiasm. Be motivated to be the best and be ready to go home feeling satisfied that your hard work is paying off. In Retail, it’s not about doing a half-hearted job and going home earning your basic salary. It’s much, much more than that. The way Retail Kiosk and Sales in general is set up is so you can earn commission. Why would you want to earn the basic when you can earn the best and lead a more comfortable life?

I’m never going to slow down. If I’m changing a lot it means that I’m challenging myself more. I’ve now moved into a new role as a Retail Account Executive, which is such an exciting position. I’ve met so many new people and I hope to share my experience and enthusiasm for the business with even more people.

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