Banish those Monday blues

Joanne Russell

January 21, 2019


We all know the feeling don’t we? It’s January, Christmas is long gone, the mornings are cold and dark, we’re three weeks in to our dwindling New Year Resolutions, and there’s a good chance some of our bank balances might be suffering a little.

Today is Blue Monday, the third Monday of January and considered the most miserable day of the year. But not for us – we’d like to beat Blue Monday, together.

Here are just a few quick hints and tips that might just help banish the blues:

  • Smile – did you know there’s magic in your smile? Smiling releases feel-good chemicals in your brain, making your body relax, your heart rate lower and make you feel happier overall.
  • Exercise – I know, it’s probably the last thing you want to do on a Monday but this can be anything – from simple stretches at your desk or book in to do an exercise class to get those endorphins going. The important thing is you enjoy it, and you will feel better for it.
  • Be kind to yourself – make a positive change and give yourself some love and kindness today by writing down just 3 things that you can appreciate about yourself. They can be as big or as small as you like, from making yourself breakfast this morning to doing a great job at work. Go on, you deserve it.
  • Random act of kindness – Help make someone else’s Blue Monday better by paying them a compliment or making them a cuppa. Or go one step further and make a donation to a charity close to your heart. Helping others can reduce stress, improve our emotional wellbeing and even benefit our physical health.
  • Eat well – It’s all so tempting but instead of going for that chocolate bar, sweets or crisps today, swap it for a piece of fruit and feel the benefit of eating healthy.
  • And finally, breathe – If you don’t manage any of the above, try and simply stop for a minute and take a breath. It doesn’t need to be for long, a minute or two but deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body as it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

We understand that these quick tips aren’t going to help everybody. If it’s more than just a Blue Monday, you are not alone. Be sure to reach out and talk to someone, whether that’s a friend, family member, colleague or a medical professional. Continue 2019 with a clear focus on making yourself and your health a priority.

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