Back to fighting fit with my Bupa Medical Plan

Jordan Hammond

November 17, 2017


I believe the Bupa Medical Plan has got to be one of the best benefits Virgin Media has to offer.

A few years ago, I started to get shooting pains down my neck and arm. I went to my Doctors who advised me that I had a pulled muscle in my neck, and to rest with hot and cold treatment on the area.

I continued this treatment for a few weeks but the shooting pains got worse and the pain started to become unbearable. When I returned to the Doctors, they provided me with pain relief pills.

I was going on holiday in a few days so I continued through the pain at work thinking I’ll be ok, I was wrong.

The pain got much worse and I started losing strength in my arms. I knew something wasn’t right so I rang Bupa who booked me an appointment to see a specialist straight away who then booked me an MRI scan. This was all done within 10 days.

The MRI scan showed I had a slipped disc which was impinging the nerves down my spine and I needed surgery.

11 months later and I am back at work, fighting fit with no issues and the confidence of having BUPA behind me.

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