Adapting to life in Telecoms

John Haggart

September 25, 2018


What convinced you to apply for a role at Virgin Media?

When I left the Army, I did some cabling through my resettlement process. I thought that would be a good option for me seeing as it fit with the trade I had learned. When I was doing the course, we were working in partnership with Virgin Media and I thought a company like that would offer me better job security.

What’s been the most challenging part of the transition from military to civilian work?

For me, it was mainly finding the work in the first place. I didn’t get the job straight away, it took a lot of online searching! In terms of the work itself, having a background in telecoms definitely made it easier to adapt. The main thing was approaching the work from a slightly different point of view and making sure it was in line with Virgin standards.

My experience starting out was really good, so I’ve been able to help others going through the same thing.

What are the key qualities needed of someone in your field?

Some kind of background in telecoms does help but Virgin do train you up. If anything, being able to work with customers is important. It’s something I’ve had to learn because I’d never done it before. You’ve got to keep in mind that you’re in someone’s home, in their personal space and sometimes they won’t be happy!

That’s part of the job, you need to be able to deal with people and know how to speak to them in the right way. You need to choose your words carefully and be able to explain things to customers in a way they will understand without getting too technical.s

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I like fixing problems. Being able to identify a fault and then fix it gives me a real sense of achievement, you can walk away with your head held high knowing you’ve actually done something for that customer.

What are your thoughts on Virgin Media as an employer?

I’ve had no problems here since I joined and everyone gets along. We all go out of our way to help each other and every manager I’ve worked with has lent a hand. It feels more like a family than a workforce.

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