A Leap Of Faith From Engineer to Business Manager

Adam Lowes

October 3, 2017


Hello! My name’s Adam and I’m on the Engineering Scheme, I’ve been here for over a year now, time flies when you’re having fun. However it’s not my first stint at Virgin Media, I completed a Year in Industry here working in Operations, and you can read all about that here!

It’s been a busy old 12 months; I started the scheme working as a Project Manager in Core Networks and Operations, working on some massive projects, all to do with all the equipment which helps Virgin Media customers talk to the internet across the globe. I learnt about loads of new technology and thanks to T&I I even managed to improve my European geography skills. I didn’t know anything about routers, switches or datacenters but luckily for me the team I worked in were really supportive and were always on hand to offer me some advice. One of the first things I learnt in this placement was that there is no such thing as a stupid question!

My scheme journey got a little bit interesting towards the end of my first placement; I took a leap of faith away from the traditional Engineering roles and applied to be a ‘Business Manager’ for the Customer Director, London. (Who used to be the Chief People Officer of Virgin Media, pretty cool..) I was lucky enough to be offered the role and turns out my leap of faith paid off. I started working with all of the teams within the Customer division to create a scorecard which represented Virgin Media’s performance in London, it’s one of the biggest and best cities in the world so it’s only right that Virgin Media treats it with the attention it deserves right?!

You’ll soon learn things never stay the same in the working world, and that is exactly what happened here. After a few weeks of working on London, my boss was given a new role working on Project Lightning. By default, this meant I now worked in Lightning too…Project Lightning, by the way, is the biggest private infrastructure investment in years, we’re expanding our network so it’ll pass over 17 million homes in the UK! It’s superfast too, so if you have Virgin you can definitely stream HD Netflix whilst browsing Insta and Facebook too. I’ve worked on loads in the Lightning space, from how we allocate build work to Contract Partners who dig up the roads for us to working with the Greater London build team, visiting real builds on the streets of London and seeing the great work our partners do on our behalf to install our futureproof network. At the moment I’m working on the 2018 plan and helping the team decide who will get to build what and where. We’ve set our sights high for 2018 and are really ramping up our delivery so it’s very busy in Lightning at the moment but a really exciting place to work.

I may not be doing a ‘traditional’ engineering role but the appreciation and understanding I have from my first placement and the great training we get as part of the scheme really helps me keep up with the technology side of things.

I took a step away from the norm and it was the best decision I’ve made since choosing to come back to VM in the first place, my one top tip is ‘don’t be scared to go against the grain’, you’ll never know if you’ll like something unless you try it.

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