Alan Hesketh - 3 Tips for Working in Field SalesAlan Hesketh - 3 Tips for Working in Field Sales


3 Tips for Working in Field Sales

Alan Hesketh

Field Sales Coach

January 12, 2022

3 Tips for Working in Field Sales

When it comes to working in Field Sales at Virgin Media it can often feel like a unique place to be. For lovers of the outdoors, there’s no better office, coupled with a sales role full of perks for many it can seem like the best of both worlds. And while this may be true, we also know it’s about building connections that really matter.

Here to shine some light on what it’s really like working in Field Sales is Field Sales Coach, Alan Hesketh. A true expert, Alan’s always had a knack for understanding how to sell to customers with his career starting out at the retail shop Virgin Megastores and then transitioning to roles within Field Sales, ending up at Virgin Media. Take a read below on his 3 tips for working in Field Sales and how it could be your next career step.


Tip 1: Get to know the brand

Speaking to customers on your own and knocking on doors may seem extremely daunting when you’re first working in Field Sales but the best way to gain confidence is to learn about the products such as mobile, broadband, internet and TV that we have to offer. Of course, this won’t come straight away but our training and induction when you start helps to set you up for success and the more you take the time to learn about the brand, the easier it will be to find the right products and start selling to our existing and potential customers.

Another handy point is that the more you know, the more it can reflect in the commission you receive as a Field Sales Representative. Customers will be more likely to refer you to their friends and more customers can mean more commission. And who doesn’t love a bit of extra cash, especially when it can help you invest in your future. It’s essentially an opportunity for you to write your own paycheck.

At the end of the day, customers want solutions. If you show that you can tackle their pain points, they’ll start listening to what you have to say. It feels great when a customer realises how much you know about the brand, and you can leave giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.


Tip 2: Ask lots of questions

Even though Field Sales is quite an independent and flexible role, team play is still an important part – especially if you’re just starting out. No one wants to be the new person asking lots of questions but at Virgin Media, we welcome it because we know it’s the best way to learn. I’d be lying if I said I’m not asking my colleagues questions even today.

The impact of being close to your team feels so important during the pandemic, and we’re lucky to have instant messaging tools such as Microsoft Teams to help us stay connected, even if we just want to have a chat to break up the day. I also found this helpful when working in a new area. As well as exploring where you can start your day first or realising that if it’s raining a block of flats might be a good place to start, you can also reach out to your colleagues and share where you’ve had the most success in the area to help maximise a potential sale.


Tip 3: Rejection is normal, embrace it

Connecting with our customers and making their lives better is a rewarding part of working in Field Sales, but like any sales role, you are faced with rejection too. Missing out on a sale never feels great (no matter how long you’ve been in the role) and it’s important to recognise that you will make mistakes (trust me, I’ve made thousands) and you will get this wrong but over time, you’ll understand how to pick yourself up and not let it get to you too much. A lot of customers may try to dismiss you at first but if you’ve prepped some questions and quickly try to identify their pain points, you can earn their trust and they can start to let their guard down.

It’s all about embracing the good and the not-so-great, using it to become a chameleon who can use all their experiences to push themselves even further and adapt to the customers’ needs.


Think of the future

Working in Field Sales at Virgin Media isn’t just about the present, it’s also an opportunity to invest in your future. There’s flexibility in the shifts so you can still make time for the things in your life that matter most and every year you can do a management course or take the opportunity to learn about other parts of the brand you may want to explore in the future.

We love welcoming new people to the team and the best part is that if you’re resilient, a team player and have a willingness to learn, you’ll fit right in.


Want to start your career in Field Sales? Click here to apply to our latest roles or explore our careers page to find something new.


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