10 minutes with Paul Main

Paul Main

May 9, 2019


Hi Paul, so tell us, what do you look for when recruiting new Field Sales Advisors to join your team?

Passion. It’s a big thing. Maybe the only thing that truly matters in a business like Virgin Media. You could be at the beginning, middle or end of your career – your background doesn’t matter. When you come to Virgin Media there’s no barrier to success.   I want my team to feel like Charlie Bucket when he found his golden ticket. That’s what a career as a Field Sales Advisor feels like – a golden opportunity!

I’ve been part of this business for 20 years and I’m a really proud advocate of the brand. That’s what I’m looking for, someone who’s passionate, can have great conversations and can build connections that really matter with their colleagues and our customers.   When you’re selling our products and services, you’re actually selling a lifestyle so you’ve got to be able to quickly relate and understand the different customers that are out there and quickly find a connection.

And on top of all these qualities, you need resilience.   You’ve got to be able to take the knock-backs, keep going whatever the weather and still keep that same positive attitude, door after door. Every NO at the door takes you once step closer to the Yes!

Golden ticket – I like it. It also sounds like a pretty diverse team…

Absolutely! A candidate’s career background isn’t what matters in this role. It’s about having those great qualities I’ve just talked about. It’s this that makes the difference. It’s so important that my team reflect how diverse our customer base is so I need a team with a diverse make-up, with different ways of solving problems, different blend of experiences and perspectives. All of this makes us stronger.

You mentioned ‘building connections that really matter’ earlier – how important is that?

It’s really important. Building trust and respect with the people that I work with and our customers is a powerful thing and is what gets me and my team results. It’s about sharing and collaborating across the business to build knowledge and experiences so ultimately our customers get the service they deserve and respect. This is what “building connections that really matter” means to me.

It sounds like you’re a real believer in Virgin Media’s values…

They’re very important to me. Particularly Heartfelt Service and Being Straight Up – I believe in honesty and truly am a passionate believer in the brand.

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