Duration: 2 years

Salary: £29K + £2K welcome bonus + amazing benefits

Locations: Hammersmith

Requirements: 2.1 or above in any discipline (achieved or expecting)


Scheme Overview

We’re not just proud of our reputation at Virgin Media, we’re absolutely passionate about it. And within Corporate Affairs, we’re obsessive about crafting and protecting the company’s reputation. This scheme will help you develop a deep understanding of Corporate Affairs and give you fantastic exposure to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

On this two year scheme you’ll have the chance to tackle some fun and challenging work across our three main functions: Communications and Planning, Public & Regulatory Affairs, and Sustainability. So what do we actually do?

Well, in Communications and Planning, we manage original high-quality internal and external programmes which support and deliver Virgin Media’s strategic priorities. We run the Press Office where we engage with journalists to encourage accurate and helpful reporting about the company, our brand, and our products. We also ensure that all our own people across the company are fully aware of everything that’s going on, and especially the company’s priorities, strategy and purpose. We have business partners who manage the communications for all the main business areas of Virgin Media, we operate our own corporate digital platforms, and we manage a highly-proactive event speaker and conference calendar, as well as overseeing all major internal and external events. In our Public & Regulatory Affairs team we take care of Virgin Media’s commercial, strategic, and reputational interests, as well as our key regulatory and policy concerns with the Government, Whitehall, and influential regulatory external stakeholders like Ofcom. Our Sustainability team looks after our social and environmental impacts. We make sure we’re a responsible business delivering huge benefits to our people, our customers and the communities we work in.

You’ll need to bring a 2.1 degree, excellent written and spoken communication skills, and, above all, bags of passion for enhancing Virgin Media’s reputation.

The good things that’ll happen

As you make your way around our broad and experienced team, you’re sure to get a superb grounding in the workings of a modern Corporate Affairs team. It’s one of the only functions within a firm where you get to see how a business really works - from top to bottom – and where the decisions you make can matter hugely.

You’ll be supported as you progress and by the end of the scheme, you’ll be a budding expert and in a superb position to make your next move. All in all, everything you learn will be designed to help you transition into a role within our high-performing team.


Applications for our 2017 Corporate Affairs Graduate Scheme are now closed!


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