A Year in the Life of a Sales Graduate

Aileen. VMB Sales Graduate. Class of 2016.

12 months ago Aileen shared her application and on boarding experiences. Now a year later she’s taken the time to let us know how she’s getting on.

Well let’s start by saying that I cannot believe it’s been a year since I started working for Virgin Media Business. The time has flown by and when I was asked to write this blog I couldn’t believe how much I have done since starting on the scheme!

But let’s go back to the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start after all! My first day with VM was down in The Elevetham Hotel in Hartley Wintney were all of the incoming graduates from all schemes met for tea and coffee and a nervous huddle. We spent a week being trained – first in the general VM induction – our values, our policies, our sustainability strategy and learning about each other, then those in VMB had some training in products with the fabulous Mark Nation (this was the bit that terrified me because I firmly believed that the internet was a force of magic and I wasn’t quite sure how I’d landed a role in telecoms coming out of uni with a History and Politics degree) but it went well and the wall of fear started to come down. The Sales Graduates then headed up North for two weeks intensive training of sales techniques, systems and meeting the teams.

Then the real work began and we were let loose on some customers….

Ringing my first customer was possibly one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. My hands were literally shaking as I dialled the number and my fellow grad Jack was looking on to see how it would go! And then I’d done it! Spoken to a customer and nothing bad happened – we had a chat, they said they’d look at their contract renewal and that was that. Looking back now it seems silly to have been so nervous as I will now quite happily have hour long calls with a customer about the state of their accounts – their renewals, their billing, their IT strategy and the products we could provide to help. The amount of knowledge I have learnt since this time last year is incredible. And it’s not just VMB product information, I’ve had to learn commercial acumen, learn about Public Sector procurement frameworks, learn about the IT strategy of a football club, the list goes on and on. It’s not just learning about Virgin but learning all about our customers and their industries – ask me anything you want about the Education system in England – I wrote a White Paper on it as part of my graduate project.

The opportunities on this scheme are incredible – from the projects to development (I am working on a diploma in Sales and Marketing) to the social side of things it has been phenomenal. Virgin Media Business is a brilliant place to come and work and I have met so many incredible and interesting people in the past 12 months which definitely makes coming to work good fun!

I could write for pages and pages to talk you through everything I have done in the last 12 months but it’s probably too long to read on a blog so if you want all the details come and chat to me! I can be easily bribed with a cup of tea 🙂

But to leave you with a few of my highlights here’s the top 5 things to happen!

  1. Bringing in my first contract – it was for a firewall from a not so happy customer and the fact I brought it in made me feel on top of the world!
  2. Presenting on my first 6 months to our Sales Director Rob Orr
  3. Attending the Women in Sales Awards where one of our Account Managers Chloe Holloway won!
  4. Shadowing some of our account managers at customer meetings – nothing will ever beat getting out of the office and sitting in front of a customer and chatting – the buzz you get is brilliant!
  5. Hearing that a customer was planning to leave Virgin before I became his account manager – that kind of feedback makes all the hard work worth it!
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