Starting Off As A Finance Graduate

I am writing this blog as I am nearing the end of my third week as a Finance Graduate with Virgin Media, and so far I have loved every second. The early starts…I’m still getting used to, but the job satisfaction I enjoy every day makes them worth it!

Life in Finance is fast paced, interesting and exciting. In University, I was taught that Finance is the language of business, and my first three weeks have definitely proved that statement to be true! By understanding what’s happening with the numbers I am learning to understand what is happening in the wider business as a whole, and what direction the business is taking.

I am based in the Commercial Finance Support team, where budget forecasting happens and discussions with the various business divisions take place. So far, every meeting I have sat in and every spreadsheet I have looked at have added value to my learning and have helped me to gain a further insight into my department, role and team.

I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many helpful and encouraging individuals in both my direct team and wider team. Over the past few weeks, I have asked nothing short of thousands of questions and each one has been answered with an insightful and informative answer. Everybody is always willing to help, because they want you to ask the questions which will help you to get to grips with your job and advance your professional development!

Getting to know the other graduates, both in Finance and the other business areas, has been really fun! There is a real community feel. Everybody is very social and positive and it’s great to feel a part of it all!

I am looking forward to things to come over the next few years as a Finance Graduate with Virgin Media and I can’t wait to see where the Finance Graduate scheme will take me 🙂

Posted on by Emma Rowlands