A Few Months In As An Engineering Graduate

I’m now two months into my first graduate rotation, and it has been an extremely busy and exciting few weeks. With the Engineering Graduate scheme, we are given the opportunity to attend a lot of training sessions and courses to develop both our soft skills as well as broaden our technical knowledge. A number of these sessions have been open to all Engineering Graduates and Interns which has given us the chance to integrate as a group and have more familiar faces around the office. This has been a great advantage as I now have a group of people I can reach out to for social events as well as work related questions!

Whilst there has been huge emphasis on training over the last number of weeks, we have all been finding our feet in our first roles – which as expected with a new job, is a whole different challenge. My first role is within the Network Service Optimisation area of Engineering and I’ve been assigned my own project. My degree background is Web Systems Development and Virgin Media have taken this into consideration and placed me within a role that suits my skill base and will allow me to learn from highly experienced people as well as having a real life project that will be benefit a number of people once it is completed – no pressure for a first role! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve mastered the art of balancing my workload as well as taking in all the training that will benefit me in the long run. Within my team, I have a great support network and have learnt that there’s no such thing as a silly question which I’m glad to have discovered early on! I’ve been enjoying my first few months in this role and there’s already talks and questions of what we potentially want to do next – it still feels like we’ve just started but it’s good to hear that our sponsors are eager to hear what we want to do next!

Last week, all 2016 Graduates and Interns were split into groups so we can compete to raise the most money for our charity partner, Scope, as part of their “Scope Shop Challenge”. We now have just over a month to hopefully hit our target before we set foot in a Scope shop to take it over for the day. Already this challenge has been fun and pushed us to use our creativity to come up with fun fundraising ideas! This Scope Shop Challenge is just one example of how great Virgin Media has been in promoting integration between schemes, year groups and locations. It’s so easy to lose contact with the people you’re not directly working with so it’s great to see that Virgin Media have continuously promoted it through their core training sessions and social events.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying my time as a graduate and did not imagine that I’d have so many learning opportunities presented to me in the first few months and I’ve had numerous calendar invites for the next couple of months ahead so it’s looking to be a good year! Talks of a Christmas social event have started so I’m looking forward to seeing that come to fruition and get into the Christmas spirit!

Posted on by Sophie Bannerman

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