Starting the VM Grad Scheme: An Analyst’s Analysis

My initial thoughts: wow. I’m only three weeks into the scheme and I love it! Where do I begin?

An introduction perhaps, I love being challenged and I’m constantly looking for answers to difficult questions, this led me to study physics at Lancaster University. When I graduated I realised that I need a career which would challenge me, allow me to apply the analytical skills I had developed throughout my degree to real problems and give me the opportunity to keep learning.

Virgin Media has offered me all of this and more! There’s no hand holding here, on my first day in the office I was in a Strategy and Planning meeting with one of the directors, I’m learning Qlik Sense, Qlik View, SQL (very powerful analytics software) and now I’m arranging to meet and update analysts from across the business. But what really makes this company special is not the responsibility which we’re given from day one (there is quite a lot) it’s the atmosphere and the people.

Everyone here embodies the Virgin values, it’s a fun environment, we’re all ready to help each other on projects and everyone here is awesome! During my first day my team took me to a local pub for lunch and we have regular walks around Hook. Last week my friend, Viv, brought in some mini Victoria sponge cakes and as I write I’m eating a cookie made by another colleague, Angela (Peanut butter and white chocolate)!

We’re encouraged to get involved in other activities outside of our day to day work, we have a day every year which we allocate towards charity work, we can follow an engineer on an install and I’m organising lunch for twenty other graduates so we can get to know what’s going on across the business.

Virgin Media is an interesting place to work, the fast paced environment, coupled with fun branding and values truly bring out a team atmosphere in the office. I don’t regret applying for one second and I encourage you to do the same!

Posted on by Nicholas Lee

Hi Nicholas! Sounds like your time at Virgin has been amazing so far. Quick question – I did a year at the worlds 4th largest bank where I was the customer insight analyst. I used big data which was extracted and fiddled with in SQL. Is SQL the main language used at Virgin or do you use more up and coming languages like R and Ruby on Rails.

Hey Nicholas,

This sounds really interesting as their are so many areas that your able to enhance in terms of skills and experience. I am a recent graduate , looking to get on to a graduate scheme. This has certainly exceeded my expectations. i’d love to join this growing organisation


Hi Zahida and Dal,

I’d really recommend applying! It’s been fantastic!

SQL is one of the main languages at Virgin Media but it really does depend on the team you’re based in. I’ll be using a lot of SQL, Qlik Sense and Qlik View this year, a lot of the other graduates in other teams have been using R and SAS, as well as a few other analytics tools. I think the rotational nature of the scheme really makes use of this, we’ll be exposed to a few tools in one year and a few more in the next! The aim is to be learn as much as possible.

Hope this helps!


HI Nicholas:

I am a student majoring in business analytics, and I think this graduate scheme is extremely wonderful! From your statement, I can see that you have learnt a lot from this job, including programming and some communication skills and so on. I am going to apply to this scheme, hope we can work together in the future!

Best wishes.


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