My Transition from Intern to Graduate

The first few weeks of any new job can be an exciting and daunting time, especially if you’re stepping into a new environment, for me I was starting a new job in a familiar setting as a former Intern returning to a Graduate role. I had a fantastic time during my year as an intern and was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to apply and accept a position on the Virgin Media Engineering Graduate scheme.

The first week consisted of a corporate induction, a scheme specific induction then was rounded off with a casual coffee break with my team where I got the chance to meet them, gain an understanding to what their role is within the company and how I’ll be spending the next 6 months with them. The majority of the first week’s content was as expected and provided a great chance to refresh my memory on the Virgin Media brand, the Virgin values and a brief overview of the network. Day 1 of induction was also the night of the first social, which provided a great setting to get to know fellow graduates as well as catching up with the other 2014 Interns who have also returned.

My first day back in the office in over a year was a strange one, I had half thought that I would slip back in and not be recognised – I was wrong. I’m now three weeks in and only just getting used to people doing double takes as I walk through the office! As an Intern I met a lot of people through my buddy who took me to numerous meetings and offices as well as being very keen for me to attend all the work social events so I could to raise my profile in the office. Looking back on this, I’m glad I seized all the opportunities as I found the first week back so welcoming and almost like I never left!

My second week was spent learning about my role, the expectations of me for the next six months and setting up my laptop. As an Intern I became well versed with the company’s RequestIT process so was quick to get on that and sort all of my IT requirements so I could be proactive and be prepared to begin my role! A benefit of returning to Virgin Media is that my pre-existing knowledge base of the company has become invaluable to everyday work as I’m finding that I don’t come out of meetings with more questions than answers and can contribute in meetings already! However, acronyms are still a work in progress! Does anyone know them all?!

The transition of Intern to Graduate has been a smooth one; I found in numerous aspects that I had a head start as I had the previous experience within the company. On a social level, it was great to fit back in with my old team as well as ex-graduates from other intake years and see so many familiar and friendly faces. I’m now three weeks in and excited to see what the next two years will hold! I’m glad I took the opportunity to become a Virgin Media graduate after spending a year as an Intern here, as it has allowed me to transition quickly from university student to graduate. As much as I miss my “free” time as a student, I’m enjoying being back and having a fixed routine… Being within walking distance of the in-house Starbucks also has its perks, especially on a Monday morning.

Posted on by Sophie Bannerman