The Intern Returns…

So far I’m two weeks into to my Engineering graduate role, but technically one year and two weeks as a Virgin Media employee. It’s a very strange feeling coming back, I feel like I never left, that my last year at University didn’t happen but it did, I have a degree and everything to prove it, I’ve also found out just how much information you lose in that year.

I’m still struggling with almost every acronym or abbreviation that’s thrown my way, I remember them but not what they stand for but with that year under my belt I know how to deal with those situations. If someone says something complicated or with Jargon that I don’t understand, I know to can just ask them to explain or repeat themselves without a problem. This is something you have difficulty with when first starting you don’t want to seem stupid or silly but you realise that there’s no such thing as a silly question and if you don’t stop someone they will assume you completely understand what they’re saying which puts you in a lot more trouble down the line. Virgin Media is a people company, it’s all about interacting with the people in your team or in the wider company, the more you do it the easier information will be to obtain, you won’t find it all online it’s everyone heads.

Of course one of the big advantages of coming back is being comfortable with the software, Virgin Media’s training tools, IT portals, employee information, all of these things need explaining which can take a couple of days but I didn’t need that. Even using Microsoft apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, because of the internship I know how to set up emails and documents in a Virgin Media style.

The most challenging part of coming back is moving into a different team, after a year in the same role you get used to how things work, this all changes when you start a different role, new reporting lines, different team dynamics, communication methods, these vary in any team and take a while to get used to.

By far the best thing about coming back is already knowing the Company, what the hierarchy looks like, where you fit it in, the values, the people and even knowing where offices are and how you get in them, like I said it feels like I’ve never left and have just moved into a different role which allows me to start quicker and really get stuck in.

Posted on by Samuel Riding