The Life Of a Virgin Media Business Graduate

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the projects I have been working on within the Commercial department of the business. My placement sits within Bid Management and Competitive Intelligence. Therefore no two days are ever the same. Our team is relatively small but we work with loads of departments making it really exciting as we constantly meet, speak and work with so many people. The most exciting task I was given was to create battlecards for the business to give us a competitive edge and help to help MLE sales close more revenue. I kicked off the project with researching other companies with battlecards – and what way they were usually presented – I brought my findings back to my manager and team and we discussed how we could be a bit different- a bit cooler really. We didn’t fancy the boring product-led style with the pros, cons, and similar products. Rather we looked at it from a verticle perspective – focussing on particular industries we work in. What does an industry standard look like – what is our current market share – what do we have that sets us apart.

The next step was to mock up a battlecard of dreams – which believe me looked like the scariest thing ever- it was bombarded with information and all in all a bit out of our depth to maintain and keep vigorously up to date – so we engaged other areas of the business for their insight – we contacted the strategy team, product teams, pricing and of course sales. We presented our battlecard and got their appetites wet – they loved it and wanted more. We got giddy. Seeing the business love your ideas really gives you a kick. The next step was to search for a partner to collaborate our ideas with and turn our big dreams into an actionable reality. We had meetings with app developers based in London and America. They took our ideas and turned them into mock latch-on applications to salesforce (our sales platform that you will become all too aware of!) taking our research and producing it quickly into a piece of easy to maintain software. Conversing with businesses across the globe and having them bid against each other for our custom was awesome! We have decided upon on using a company called IGNITE based in Texas – with our favourite associate nicknamed as “Rodeo Bill” because he has the most amazing accent ever.

Our final step was to present the software and plan of action to the SLT to secure our funding – we had to prove the investment was not a high risk to the business and that the money would directly impact our success. Which we did – in the approaching months our software will be installed and our people will be using it – one of you in the near future could be using – and developing – the software I helped our business invest in, pretty good times if you ask me.

Prepare yourself to take on a variety of roles – I don’t think anyone on the business graduate scheme to date has had the same experiences – it’s an adventure that no one can prepare you for – but my sincere advice is open your arms- reach out and ask for much as you can – the opportunity to work across so many departments in a big business like Virgin Media Business is rare and you may as well get the most you can out of it!

Posted on by Rebecca Murray