The Life of a Project Management Engineering Graduate

Ever wondered what it’s like doing a Project Management placement within the Engineering grad scheme? To begin with, your typical day starts in our Hook Office which some will refer to as the “King’s Landing” of Virgin Media.

As a Project Management Grad you will have the privilege of choosing what type of platforms you want to work with as each project falls under a certain part of the business such as TV, Security, Business and lots more. From there the team will try and hand pick and assign you to projects under these platforms you have chosen.

As with any James Bond movie you are given an initial briefing at the start of any new projects with a “Your mission should you choose to accept it” style approach where you actually have to officially accept responsibility of the project in writing. And just like in James Bond, you will be provided with all sorts of relevant documentation providing the background information around the project as well as a handsome budget. Sadly unlike James Bond you can’t spend that money on things like fancy cars or poker games for Queen and country.

Now actually carrying out the project is where the fun begins. In the project management team you will have a framework of guidelines on the steps you need to carry out throughout the project cycle that will ensure you have carried out all the right steps. To help you further every time you reach a new stage in this framework, your progress is reviewed to ensure you carried out all that was necessary and to advise you on any issues you have. And if you have any issues along the way, the other project managers sat around you or your programme manager will do the best they can to help you.

During the project some of the hard work involves tracking down people you do not directly know that are needed for the project like Liam Neeson from Taken. You do not know who they are but you have a particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a new career in project management. And once you find them, you have to get them on board with the project. You will also be hosting and attending meetings regularly with your virtual teams and checking up on progress and looking into any upcoming issues that have come up.

Something you really develop here are the people skills through interacting with lots of people and getting them to willingly work with you, time management to meet your deadlines and smart budgeting.

The best part of all, is the impact the output of the project would have as it’s always in the best interest of the company, its employees and the customer who all benefit from it.

Posted on by Michael Anigbo