2015 Intern Induction

I should start of by saying WOW, what a great first week I’ve had being inducted to life at Virgin Media! If you’re thinking about applying to either the Grad or Intern programme, you’re probably aware of the amazing opportunity the company can provide to you, and trust me, it really is just that!

To kick-start my new role as Assisted Service Manager (sounds swanky… I know) I and the other interns were booked into an amazing Hotel near the head office in Hook, all expenses paid. The first impression this gave me was that obviously, Virgin Media as a company not only value their people; they extend the same value to their graduates and interns, which as the first week progressed became more and more apparent. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to meet the students you are likely to be working with over the coming year (or 30).

The events that took place over the course of the next two days were inspiring, insightful, considerate of our needs as newbies and of course really, really fun! We were met by two lovely, charismatic women who made us all feel comfortable from the get-go, coffee was aplenty, banter was banter-full, tasks were intelligent but of course there was a serious undertone which really succeeded in portraying the core values inherently bread into the companies DNA; values that really encourage you as an employee to feel comfortable, be yourself and most importantly… shine.

During the two days we learnt about the company and its routes, the services you will be helping to provide, we played educational games, met some inspirational people (no Branson unfortunately but I suppose he IS a busy guy after all) and heard some great stories of success and failure. One of the stand-out events was an interactive session by two charismatic guys from the innovation team whose passion leaked out into all of us and immediately you could feel the jealously at how cool their job was! They talked about current technology, the future, and some really exciting technological leaps forward which are just around the corner. If I wasn’t convinced already that I had joined the right company, it definitely hit home how lucky I was then!

Without giving too much away in case you take the journey to where I am now, all I can say is, if you are passionate, driven and want to work for a great company, get applying! I couldn’t think of a better place to be working for right now!

Posted on by Cameron Button