Life of a VMB Intern

Starting within a new business and having minimal knowledge of telecommunications, I lacked confidence at the start of my placement. From the start, I was given support on how to navigate my way around the numerous systems used day to day as well as carry out technical and product training to further my knowledge in order to carry out my job to the best of my ability.

Whilst working for Virgin Media Business I have been exposed to a lot of projects, networked with numerous people and been given a range of responsibilities from the beginning. Within a very short space of time I integrated into the team and due to the working environment I never felt undervalued by any colleagues within the organisation.

My job role in Commercial gave me exposure to VMB as a whole enabling me to communicate a lot between different teams and make myself known for the work that I completed. In the first six months of the placement I gained a lot of knowledge on the Deals side of the business, and in the second half of the placement I moved over to Transformation; still working within the same team but focussing on development projects rather than deals. Transformation developed my knowledge of the systems within the business and as I was participating in a lot of projects. I also developed further skills in the Stakeholder Management and Bid Skills foundation course, and vastly developed my Excel capabilities.

The management team were great at helping me to develop, through frequent one to one’s and feedback, and then supporting me to develop that skill. Presenting was one of my weaknesses and when my manager realised this he pushed me to present my findings in team meetings and to other teams. Although this was tough it meant that I developed my presenting skills for the future. Throughout my placement I was not only given a lot of responsibility that personally developed me, but I was also given the opportunity to go to external events such as the Salesforce World Tour Conference.

Overall my placement at Virgin Media Business has been very beneficial and I have learnt a lot of skills for the future.

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