Graduate Masterclass Seminar Scheme

One of the best things about being a graduate at Virgin Media is the freedom given to you to change the way the world around you works. During my field placement in the Operations Management Graduate Scheme, I came up with an idea to create a new training and development forum – the Graduate Masterclass Seminar Series. The seminar sees leaders from all areas of the business deliver a talk about an area of their expertise, and set graduates a business challenge on the most cutting edge issues being faced by Virgin Media.

The seminar provides mutual benefit, as our leaders get the opportunity to harness the multiple unique perspectives brought by graduates in different disciplines, and our graduates get to learn from the very best about their fields of expertise. The seminar is also a familiar forum for graduates fresh from university, bridging the transition from university to the working world and providing new graduates with an opportunity to acclimatise! We have already had the inaugural event on Change Management delivered by Dom Boon our People Director for the Support division, which was a great success! The Change Management Plans for Network Expansion (Project Lightning) developed by graduates during the seminar have already reached a lofty audience, being passed on and presented to a group of directors and even our Chief People Officer Maurice Daw.

This is perhaps the most exciting possibility that the seminar series presents; the opportunity to raise the profile of the scheme amongst our senior leaders, but most significantly to provide graduates with a platform from which their fresh ideas, can invigorate our business and keep us one step ahead of the competition. This is what being a graduate at Virgin Media is all about – cultivating new ideas, working out how to deliver them, and helping the business to reap the benefits. This sort of freedom is really dependent on a supportive business culture that values new ideas, disregards the formalities of hierarchy, and encourages innovation from all of its employees, and this is the sort of culture you can expect from a Virgin Media grad scheme.

Posted on by Josh Tyler