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RISING Beyond Award – Fresh Thinking

Posted on Neil Shah
For me, one of the many awesome things about working at Virgin Media is you get to work on some fantastic, category-defining projects that make a real disruptive impact in the market. Another amazing thing is that if you’re pro-active and demonstrate capability, you get to take true holistic ownership of these projects. Interestingly, these types of projects have seemed to pop up so often during my time on the Marketing Graduate Scheme, that I’ve …

National Learning at Work Week – Job Shadowing

Posted on Nikki Doherty
Telling people you’re shadowing the Head of Knowledge and Engagement for the day raised interesting questions: ‘is that just organising big fun events all the time?’ and ‘so will you just be doing fun stuff all day?’ I’d answer these questions with a resound no, knowing there is more to it than that. However when asked ‘what then?’ I couldn’t answer! For a start I wasn’t even sure what the ‘Knowledge’ part of the title …