Day in the Life of an Operations Management Graduate

Working in the Virgin Media Customer Retentions department has been my most challenging experience at Virgin Media yet. No matter how on the ball you are your outlook calendar is bound to throw your day out of sync and you’ve got to be on your toes to react fast. This week I’m on a 9.30am-6.30pm shift pattern – not the most common shift however the real time deployment team has found at the moment these times are seeing high call volumes. Here is a live run through of my day…

8.45am I am out the door and heading to the local retail park. I’m running an incentive for this week called ‘wrap battle week’ where everyone who achieves wrap target for the day gets put into a draw for a mystery prize. Yesterday’s winner is a big Hobbit fan so armed with a Battle of the Five Armies Storybook and some minion jellies from the infamous Despicable Me it is on my way to the office.

9.15am I arrive at the office and visit Missy our American canteen lady which is always a great start to my day – her warm welcoming manner is infectious! Sat at my desk I catch up on emails.

9.30am As the team grab their headsets ready to begin a day of providing our customers with an incredible service I get a round of drink orders to get everyone perked up and lively. I will then load the monthly reports to see where we are month to date, create an excel report to send out and update our team whiteboard.

10:00am Already my schedule is interrupted as an agent pops over with an escalation call that requires a manager. These kind of calls aren’t common (mostly on a Saturday) however when they do pop up it can be about anything. This one is a contract dispute and is turns out to be rather pleasant! The trick with an unhappy customer is to put yourself in their shoes – how would you feel? Often they just need somebody to listen!

10:30am I aim to send out stats every hour so the guys know where they are at for the day with their save rate, average handling time, wrap and hold. These live figures help them focus on areas they need to work on to help their monthly stats and achieve bonus.

11:00am It’s time for my 121 with the Operational Manager where we go through the stats for last month. January was incredibly tough and we all felt it. I was proud of my team for achieving save rate target when a lot of people were calling to tighten their belts after splashing out over Christmas and we had a price increase. There are always areas for improvement however so we go through where the team needs to focus and about individual needs.

12:00pm I ring up Mission Control to organise offline time for each member of the team. Yesterday I had to deliver the news that when my graduate placement comes to an end in Customer Contact the team will be dispersed. I’ll go through with each where they are going, confirm the date and run through any worries or concerns they may have. Tough conversations and situations are part and parcel of the job!

1:00pm I have a 121 booked in with a member of my team who has been on holiday the beginning of this month. We run through his stats for January talk about what has gone well and what hasn’t, where to focus next month and just generally catch up on what’s going on. It’s nice to get this one to one time with your agents to find out how everything is and help them in any way you can.

2:00pm I have a training session booked in for the new VOC dashboard. VOC is an acronym for Voice of the Customer and gives agents scores moments after they have taken a call to get a reflection of how the customer found their experience.

3:00pm It is time to hit the road! I currently have two agents on certified sick and after a certain length of time a home visit is required. Again this isn’t a regular occurrence and nobody likes to be ill, so it’s nice to check in, ask how they are doing and pop in a get well card from the team.

4.00pm Back in the office and its time to be debriefed on my part to play in the Team Manager recruitment this week and next. Recruitment is an exciting time and its great to see so many internal candidates wanting to progress in their career with Virgin Media!

5.00pm Now I will go through my emails checking whether people have requested for credits for customers and logging any times that people have had I.T issues as it is vital for their adherence to be in line. I will also do any other kind of admin in this time that I need to catch up on.

5.30pm In the final hour I will send out some stats for that final push toward a great end of day save rate and call stats. I will discuss with the team what have been call drivers, barriers and successes and collate this in an end of day report. This will be sent on to the Operations Manager who will collate all the data towards the end of day site update for all cable retentions (and hopefully Teesside will have beaten Sheffield’s save rate as we all enjoy the healthy competition!)

6.30pm As my day comes to an end I will hang around with the stragglers on the team finishing their last calls, before heading home. I would like to say my housemates have dinner ready on the table waiting in a ‘honey I’m home’ kind of fashion, but they are not that well trained yet!

Posted on by Nikki Doherty