Life of a Finance Intern

Since the day I started with an intense two day induction and informative handover from a current finance grad, up to now just over three months into this fast-paced exciting role, I honestly feel I have been supported by my team and adequately stretched by my line manager in order for me to develop and obtain the most out of this placement year. The three words I always kept in the back of my mind when applying for a placement were experience, knowledge and exposure – these are the qualities I imagined the ideal placement would incorporate. Virgin Media as an organisation and place of work did not just meet my expectations but exceeded them.

I have been given more responsibility than I initially envisaged and also added value to the organisation. I have set progress targets with my line manager and been presented with numerous opportunities outside of my role. Within the three month period I have successfully undertaken several training courses to develop my skills which have been beneficial to me in my current role and for the future. On a day to day basis my work contributes towards requests from senior management.


As part of the intern scheme, I have been given the chance to spend the day with an engineer and also visited one of the flagship stores. Not only has this helped me to broaden my knowledge of Virgin Media I have also gained a better understanding of the products and services it offers. I am looking forward to visiting the Manchester call centre next month to listen in on some of the customer calls and enhance my understanding on the interaction between the customers and agents.

I believe that Virgin Media is a great place to work and there are a countless number of opportunities and ways to develop.

Posted on by Kasim Khan - Growth FP&A Finance Intern