Graduates & Interns

Graduates & Interns

We give people like you what you need to explore new experiences and big opportunities. We ignite what makes people great. And we empower our people to make their time with us their own. Together, we turn it on.

In you, we’re looking for the future leaders and experts who’ll help us stay ahead of the game, with two or three-year graduate programmes that put you right in the thick of things.

If you’re looking to spend 12 months with an employer before going back to uni and finishing your studies, then we’re bound to have something great to excite you! 

You can now register your interest in the 2020 Graduate & Intern Schemes here!

You can also keep up to date with our current crop of graduates and interns on Twitter: @VirginMediaJobs #VMFutureCareers, and check us out on Instagram too!: @VMFutureCareers

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