My Apprentice Journey

My name is Mohammed Abdul-Ali and I am currently undergoing a level 6 degree apprenticeship for Virgin Media.

MohammedBefore enrolling onto this course I have completed 2 previous apprenticeships also with Virgin Media which are level 2 and level 4 respectively, I gained an NVQ in level 2 and a HNC in the level 4 course. Having been involved in a number of apprenticeships I can say that they are a fantastic opportunity for people to kick start their career in a chosen field. The skills and knowledge I have gained from my previous apprenticeships are acknowledged in the workplace and make a valuable candidate.

I first approached Virgin Media with no prior education expanding beyond GCSE’s. Having said that, Virgin Media took me on and trained me to a high standard which is recognised within the industry, because of which I am now on my way to obtain a BSc Honours Degree in Digital & Technology solutions. I want to emphasise the fact that I was given a lot of help and support during my time here and no matter what your background, anyone is welcome to come and be part of the Virgin Media team!

I would highly recommend that young people look to apprenticeships to help build their career paths, as more and more businesses are looking to employ apprentices. The demand for apprentices is ever growing and you can make your first stride in your chosen career path here at virgin media. VM offer roles suited to all types of people, you can choose your desired department and we are very flexible with our requirements in regards to previous qualifications. The future is bright for Virgin Media apprentices and I seriously recommend you fill out the application form to kick start your illustrious career.

Posted on by Mohammed Abdul-Ali