My Apprentice Experience

My name is Lucy, I’m 23 years old and before joining Virgin Media I had no prior experience in telecoms, so this whole process has been completely new for me. I joined the company in October and it feels like yesterday as my apprentice managers and office mentors have been keeping me busy- but trying to make it fun at the same time!

My day-to-day activities can vary, and this is a combination of coursework, work and taking part in apprentice activities. Because I am over half way through my 18 month apprenticeship, I am starting to complete full planning tasks with my mentor, which may seem daunting but is actually pretty exciting as I can see how much knowledge I’ve picked up since joining. Before joining the company I felt that I’d constantly be doing coursework, however this isn’t the case at all, as Virgin Media allow us to have one study day a week, where we can completely focus on our apprenticeship work. I have also found the subjects behind our coursework interesting as it’s completely job related which I feel is helping me during my apprenticeship. I’d say my favourite piece of coursework was our speaking and listening assessment where we had to create a presentation talking about anything we are passionate about, and for me it was makeup through history… which I loved researching and speaking about.

But it’s not just work work work, other apprentices from around the country meet and take part in activity days, our most recent was an army day where we camped at an army training reserve overnight, took part in different cool activities such as conquering inflatable assault course (cool right!) and ate from army ration packs.. Boil In the bag curry probably wasn’t so cool haha.

Everyone within this company is super approachable, which is something I learnt during an apprentice challenge called Brathay, which is a competition between hundreds of companies where its main aim is to highlight apprenticeships to young people who may be unsure where to take their career. During this challenge I set up an apprentice twitter account (@VMapprentices), and met with directors within the company to talk about the importance of apprenticeships, and one of our directors was actually an apprentice himself, so it was really cool meeting such influential people as Paul Buttery, Maurice Daw and Peter Kelly and just being able to have an informal conversation about ourselves and career paths within the company!

I’d encourage anyone to take an apprenticeship with Virgin Media as it’s been a new and fun experience that everyone would enjoy!

Posted on by Lucy Caulfield