Why an apprenticeship was right for me

Hey Tom, thanks for speaking with me today. What made you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I wasn’t really happy with the job I was doing before. My career – if you can call it that – wasn’t really going anywhere. I wanted something that would go places. I’ve also got a little lad (Finley) and I’m getting married at the end of May, so it’s time I started earning some decent money.

Oh congrats Tom! That’s brilliant. What was it that attracted you to the Virgin Media apprenticeship scheme?

The Virgin brand is massive, so there is a huge amount of scope for people who want to go places. I had applied to other apprenticeship schemes, but from the assessment day I knew Virgin Media was the company I wanted to work for. They made me feel relaxed and they also made the day fun. (Laughing) and it’s still a fun place to work now!

What is it you’ve enjoyed most about the scheme so far?

I feel appreciated. I said I applied for other schemes, and I got the sense that they wouldn’t care so much about your individual success. I’ve also got a – I guess you could call it – ‘peace of mind’ knowing that I’ve got a career after it. Plus, with a little lad and the prospect of being a husband, the pay and benefits of working for Virgin Media really make getting up early on a Monday much easier!

You said it’s a fun place to work, what makes it fun?

Oh it’s the people. I’ve made a lot of new mates here. After your first week, you’re out on the road with a mentor who you shadow as they go about doing service calls etc. My mentor was a guy names Phil, we’ve become great friends and he’s coming to my wedding. There’s also something different to do each day, no two jobs are exactly the same. It’s good when you get to the point I am now and you’re able to fix most technical problems a customer may be experiencing.

So once you’ve finished your apprenticeship, what do you want to do next?

I’d like to do the next level up, maybe do a Network Apprenticeship and work my way through the network division.

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