My job as a Field Engineer apprentice

Hey Tom, great to meet you, thanks for taking the time out to speak to me. Can you tell me a little about your career experience so far?

Sure, prior to working for Virgin Media, I worked in security at a local supermarket. I’d finished my A-Levels but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I was thinking about going to university but I wanted to consider my options. I was stumbling around the on internet and found the Virgin Media careers site and read up on the apprenticeship scheme.

Oh right, what was it that drew you to our apprenticeship scheme?

Looking through the scheme it was immediately obvious that Virgin Media is not your normal sort of company. It seemed fun! I loved the fact you’d end up with a career at the end of the apprenticeship too, that was the kicker for me. Oh (laughing) and the money offered was the best I’d seen for apprenticeships!

So you’ve been on the course for a few months now and you’re out on the road by yourself. Can you tell me a little about what it’s like to be on the road?

Gladly. You usually start at 8am and go through the service jobs on your PDA. Typically, I’d say the jobs I get are service calls and installations, things like broadband and TiVo etc. You usually get 40 or so minutes per job. I’m actually really pleased at the moment as the customers I’ve visited have scored me pretty well on my customer feedback.

Would you say you’ve always been a techie?

Not really, I’ve always been fairly decent with technology. I wouldn’t have known how to wire up broadband lines or a TiVo Box (laughing). Thing is, the training is spot on. I mean, really spot on. If you struggle with anything, the trainers are really patient. If I’m on a job that I’m having trouble with, I’ll usually call the Principle Technician (Mark) who is the fount of all knowledge!

What’s been the biggest challenge of doing this apprenticeship?

I’d say staying on top of all the paperwork; you’ve got to make sure it’s all up to scratch. Though saying that, you’re given time each week to make sure everything gets done.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love doing what I do! I’ve never been happier actually. You get a lot of satisfaction from knowing you’ve done a good job making customers happy.

What’s next for Tom?

(Laughing) Well I want to carry on doing higher apprenticeships, maybe even getting an equivalent degree while on it. I’d actually like to go into management one day… who knows?

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