Life as a Virgin Media Apprentice

Daniel Jackson, Apprentice

Hi everyone,

My names Dan, after being a Service Apprentice for the last two years, I’m over the moon to announce that starting from this September, I’ll be joining the Level 3 Network Engineer Apprenticeship.

When I first joined Virgin Media it was an enormous change in my life. I’d not long left the Marines after being struck down with glandular fever and I also made the move to Sheffield. I honestly didn’t know what to do next and getting past the fear of the unknown was difficult.

I’d had a few jobs that I moved between but couldn’t find anything that challenged me enough until I found the Service Apprenticeship at Virgin Media, and I can’t say I have any regrets.

Every day is different here – because every job is different. Even if you get the same problem that needs fixing twice in one day, you know that the reason it needs attention from us won’t be the same.

You do what you can to fix a problem that comes up to make sure the customer is happy. I’m always busy and love that this position gives me a chance to use my own initiative and think on my feet.

I was also grateful for the stability this apprenticeship gives me. I knew I’d have a job at the end of it and the benefits you get from working for such a big company makes it really attractive.

Apprenticeships aren’t always for school leavers; if you’re young and want a change in career it’s the best way to get some real experience on the job. It makes you employable.

I’d recommend this apprenticeship to anyone who’s interested in tech. Even if you don’t know much, you’re always learning whilst on the job. On some occasions, I’ve even known stuff some of the more experienced engineers didn’t know! In the last two years, I’ve also had the chance to get an insight into other areas of the business.

A few months ago I went on a two week training session with the Networks team in Birmingham. I worked with the team there; got to see what they do and gained a greater understanding of the part they play in helping to expand our network.

I’m not sure where I’ll want to go after finishing my Level 3 Network Planning Apprenticeship but I do know that I’ve got a lot of options. One of the trainers for my Level 2 apprenticeship started as a Service Apprentice himself and has now moved over to business management.

We’ll see how these next 18 months go first!

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