Starting Off As An Apprentice

Hi, my name is Kevin McDowall. I’m 23 and from Barrhead and recently joined Virgin Media as an Apprentice Field Technician.

My journey began by applying for the scheme on the Virgin Media careers site and taking part in a telephone interview.

After passing this I attended an assessment centre where I had to deliver a presentation (which was a daunting prospect!), followed by a face to face interview, a group exercise, a practical test and a numeracy test.

I really enjoyed the day, having been to a few assessment centers before they can be quite drawn out and boring. But this one kept me interested and gave me the chance to show off my potential. The free lunch voucher was a nice addition too!

I felt the day had gone well so I was hopeful that I would be offered a place. I didn’t have to wait long as the following week the Scotland Apprentice Manager; Andy Morrison gave me a call to say I had been successful and that they would like to offer me an apprenticeship.

Myself and 7 other apprentices; Lee, Nick, Stuart, Kyle, Ross, David and Nicky began our apprenticeships on July 7th. We attended a one week initial training course which was great to find out a bit more about Virgin Media and the role. But it was also a great chance to get to know the other apprentices! They are a great bunch of lads and we all get on really well and help each other out. We are all different ages from 18 to 25, so we all have different life experiences which meant we could all chip in and help each other.

Apprentice team photo

Since then we have been out with our buddies who are qualified field technicians. We have been out with them in the field shadowing the role, learning the job and techniques from them and getting out there meeting the customers.

It really is great to just get out there meeting different people every day and learning how we help them!

My ‘buddy’ is Stephen Queen; he has been with Virgin Media for over 5 years now and started out as an apprentice also (which is great because he’s been in the same position as me).

That’s all from me now but I will be updating this blog every month to keep you up to date on how the apprentices are getting on and what we have been up to. Thanks for reading!

Posted on by Kevin McDowall