Our Schemes

We offer a number of great apprenticeship opportunities at Virgin Media across a wide range of disciplines!

  • Technical Top Dogs

    Think you could be a Virgin Media Technical Top Dog? One of these schemes might be for you if you really can’t live without technology, in fact you’d go so far as to say you’re a ‘Techie Whizz’, you just love taking things apart and learning how they work – more than that you love being out and about with other people and working hard to make their lives easier.

  • Titans of Technical & Office Support

    If you like technology but think you get by just fine without knowing ‘how it all works’ then you might be interested in one of our Titans of Technical/Office Support Apprenticeship Schemes.  These schemes provide critical support to our Field and Office based Tech teams.

  • Customer Service Superstars

    If you think, like us, that happy customers are key to a successful business and you’ve got the patience, confidence, and personality to keep our customers sweet – we think you might be one of our next Customer Service Superstars!