Here’s all the info you need to kick start a dazzling future. If you’re already ready, apply now.

What type of apprenticeships do you offer?

We offer a range of apprenticeships across the business. Our opportunities can be found here.

What does a degree led apprenticeship mean?

Some apprenticeships combine academic study with a higher education provider that results in the apprentice gaining a degree once they complete their programme – amazing right?

How many apprentices do Virgin Media recruit?

We have a number of schemes on offer, and we typically recruit up to 250 per year.

How many applications do you get for a role?

It varies by job type but typically we receive between 25 and 100 applications for each role.

Is Virgin Media's recruitment process accessible?

We are happy to make whatever adjustments you need so that you are able to apply. You’ll have the opportunity to tell us about any adjustments we need to make at every stage of the application process.

Can I apply for more than one apprenticeship?

Yes! You can apply for as many apprenticeships as you want, as long as you meet our entry requirements. However, once successful you will have to make the difficult decision of picking just one apprenticeship!

What qualifications do I need?

This all depends on th elevel of programme you’re applying for. Please refer to the scheme page or job advert for more information.

When should I apply for an apprenticeship?

We’re always looking for new talent, and recruit all year round. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

What happens after I apply?

Once a fully completed application is received the stages of the process involve a CV review, telephone interview and an assessment day before we make the offers. Lots of opportunities for you to shine!

Will I get any feedback?

Absolutely, feedback is really important. At any stage feedback is available on request, whether you are successful or unsuccessful we love helping and providing you with feedback.

I'm excited to join - how long do I wait until I start?

Our start dates vary and will be confirmed once an offer has been made. Normally it is within 1 to 2 months after the assessment day. Of course we will take into account any notice period you may have for your current job.

Will I receive any training?

Yes – lots! All Virgin Media apprenticeships have a training delivery plan. This means that by the time you complete your apprenticeship you will have all the competencies required for your role, and you’ll be making good things happen!

Do you need a driving license?

It depends on the job you’re applying for. Some jobs will require the use of a company vehicle, check out the job advert to find out more.

Where am I going to be based?

This really depends on the job role. It office based the location will be indicated on the job vacancy. If the job is mostly outside, your base location would be the Virgin Media field stores for the region in which you work. Don’t worry – if you’re not sure we will be able to let you know.

What will my salary be?

Salaries start from £12,500 and vary dependent on the programme you apply for. Don’t forget the amazing benefits too!

When will I get paid?

All Virgin Media employees are paid on the 26th of each month. If this falls on the weekend or a bank holiday, we make sure to pay you the Friday before – ready for the weekend!

When can I take advantage of the amazing benefits on offer?

We have a wide range of benefits, and some are available throughout the year. There are some specific benefits which you need to sign up to within the first month of joining if you want them. For a list of our benefits check out the benefits section here.

What equipment will I be given?

As a Virgin Media employee you will be given everything you need to do your job, from protective equipment through to tools and IT. It all depends on the job you’ll be doing, no matter what – we’ve got you covered.

Will I be doing a real role?

Yep – it’s important we challenge you in the role, after all that’s how you’ll learn! You’ll be expected to hit the ground running, but we’ll make sure you  get the support to help you achieve highly in your role!

What will happen on day 1?

We ensure every employee in Virgin Media has an induction. We want to make sure you settle in quickly to the Virgin Media family.

What support will I get on the apprenticeship?

We ensure that you have all the support you need to help you succeed in your apprenticeship. You’ll have support from apprentices, line managers, mentors and the Emerging Talent Team. Plus as we’re a friendly bunch, you’re colleagues are always there to help too.

Can I stay at Virgin Media after I complete my apprenticeship?

Of course – we want you to stay with Virgin Media and further progress your career! After you complete your apprenticeship a permanent job will be waiting for you.

I've still got questions!

Insatiable Curiosity – we love it! Find us on Twitter @virginmediajobs and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.