The science behind online tests and how to ace them

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
If you’ve applied for a position with us here at Virgin Media, one of the steps you will be asked to complete as part of your application is the online test. Now, if you’re like us, you were pleased to leave tests behind in school or university. Sometimes it can be a bit of a shock to learn that you have to complete an assessment before you start your interview revision. But really, there’s nothing …

The four most common assessment centre activities and how to prepare for them

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
This may sound a little intimidating on paper but don’t fret! We’re here to let you know the kind of things you might be expected to do and the best way to prepare. That way you can arrive on the day feeling equipped, confident and ready to tackle the day head on! Welcome Presentation It’s important that we show you what working for Virgin Media is like. When you first arrive, you are likely to …

The art of networking

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
Networking may not be everyone’s favourite pastime, but boy can it be effective. You’ve probably heard everyone going on about how important it is to network, and your boss has most likely been hounding you to go to an event. But what’s all the fuss about? Read our straightforward guide to what networking is, the benefit, and how to absolutely nail the art of networking (without annoying everyone in the room). So, what is this …

Depression and me

Posted on by Eleanor Stanley
I have worked for Virgin Media since 2013 and have struggled with several bouts of recurring depression over the last 16 years. In August 2016, after continuing to put on a brave face every day for about 18 months, my fear of judgement and personal shame made me feel I wasn’t coping again, so my depression came back and got a strong hold of me.

Transferable skills from the military into the field

Posted on by Lee Williams
What convinced you to apply for a role at Virgin Media? I knew a Manager at Virgin Media who lived locally and had also been in the Army. We had a conversation and he asked, “How do you fancy being a Virgin Media technician?” He gave me an outline of the role and I thought it sounded really interesting. I’d never considered that kind of role before, but the more I heard about working out …