My career as a customer service agent

Posted on by Lydia Bernsmeier Rullow
Hi Lydia! First of all, could you give us a quick overview of your role at Virgin Media? I’m a Customer Service Agent, which means I talk to customers, support them with their problems and help get them fixed. A big part of doing that well involves building a rapport with them and making an actual connection with the person on the phone. And what would you say the best thing about your role is? …

Don’t doubt – Shout!

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
As you embark on a new leader focused role, keep these things in mind to get your new career of to a flying start. All your interview preparation paid off – you nailed it! You’ve just had the call. You put the phone down and it starts to sink in. Management. Me. Gulp! Great managers lead, inspire, support, motivate, protect – the list goes on and on. When you’re just about to step into your …

Empower your team

Posted on by Neil Chivers
In order for your team to really thrive, you need to give them the chance to shine. Which means finding ways to empower each and every team member. Don’t keep hold of the reins too much, because you will be holding your team back from reaching their full potential. Sometimes you have to have a little faith, and give your staff the responsibility they are craving. Arm them with the weapons they need to take …