My journey as a Virgin Media Apprentice

Since I was appointed the new Apprentice role, I knew I had a lot to learn. My initial journey at Virgin Media started on the 16th of September, I had a two day induction in Birmingham learning some background information on the company and learning some basic skills that I will need.

My first day in the office was the 18th September, I felt very welcomed by everyone in the office and everyone in my team. The first few days in the office seemed to fly by as I was learning so much already. I spent a few days looking at site/build maps and with people from my team explaining the drawings to me I quickly understood and got the concept of them.

I went out on my first site visit on the 7th of October, I got to meet the gangs which are digging for us and I got to meet our contract partners. Our site visits consist of checking the sign, lighting and guarding of the site, weekly measures of complete work and making sure our contract partners are following the drawings correctly.

I spent the next two weeks doing site visits and looking at site/build drawings so I now have a good understanding of the drawings. Week commencing 28th October I had a week long training course to get my NRSWA Supervisor card, with this training I now know what to look for on-site and I know the specific depth and requirements that the digging gangs should be following.

I spent the next 4 weeks after my training course going to site and meetings with different members of the team. This helped me meet more people and get more of an understanding of what my job consists of. Within these 4 weeks I had 1 day training courses some of which were; zero-harm workshop, lighting road show, ECS training and NEC4 training.

With a good understanding of site drawings and what to look for on-site, week commencing the 2nd of December, I was given my first build. I knew being given my first build was the next major step on my apprenticeship. Although it wasn’t a big job, I was very grateful to have been given my own build so early in my apprenticeship.

I know my manager wouldn’t have given me this build if he didn’t believe I was capable. Being in charge of a build I knew I had a lot to take in. Any issues on site would come straight to me, I had to do site visits to check sign, lighting and guarding and I had to make sure the contractors were following the drawings correctly.

Although I have already been on my Virgin Media journey for 4 months, I believe the real journey and challenge started when I received my first build.

Posted on by Thomas Hawkins