Moving from the RAF to Field Technician

Hi Donna, Great to meet you! Tell us, what’s being a Field Technician all about?

We go to people’s homes and install TV, broadband and phone services, or we’re looking for faults and solving technical problems for our customers.

Had you done anything like that before?

I was in the RAF for 23 years, so I already had a background in comms and IT. I saw an advert for this role on a military jobs website and noticed that Virgin Media were specifically looking for ex-military applicants. It seemed like a good fit for me!

Wow! What kinds of qualities would someone (without your experience) need to do this job?

 You need to have a positive outlook and be able to work with customers. It’s not so much about the technical knowledge, that can be taught, but you do need to be able to interact with people. It’s not the kind of job where you just work in silence, I personally don’t stop talking! You need to be able to build a rapport with the customer and give them the best possible impression of the company.

So, what’s your favourite part of the job?

For me, it’s the satisfaction of leaving a customer happy after fixing an issue. They’re always so grateful to have their services back – it’s such a nice feeling to be able to solve someone’s problem.

How about Virgin Media as an employer?

They’re amazing. We’ve got such a fantastic team around us and great managers. Everyone is so helpful and friendly; I couldn’t ask for a better employer.

“Building connections that really matter” is a big part of what Virgin Media is all about. What does that mean to you?

Building connections isn’t just about customers, but the team too. Developing a rapport with both is important. You never know, you could be the only person that customer sees or speaks to all week. People remember how they’re treated, and it’s really great when people ask for you specifically if you need to come back.

That must be a great feeling! How inclusive do you feel Virgin Media is as an employer?

Very inclusive, I think it’s great that there’s a drive to recruit more female technicians. Also, that people of different abilities are considered. There’s a push for diversity of all kinds, it’s the kind of thing you want to see your company actively doing.

What advice would you give someone thinking of applying?

If you like dealing with people, getting out and about and don’t mind a bit of rain – go for it! You don’t need to have technical experience because the training is great, and everyone is so helpful. The shift patterns are good too – it can be a long day but that’s counteracted by the days off. There’s lots of great benefits too, good holiday allowance and so many other perks. I’d definitely recommend it.

Posted on by Donna Gregson