7 Commandments of managing up

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When you interview for any new position, one of the most important questions you can ask is – is there progression within this role? Development is essential for personal and professional growth. Constantly challenging yourself to be better will only help push you to the next level. Have are 7 commandments you need to abide by to manage up.

Body language at interviews: everything you need to know

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
Everyone (including us!) will tell you to relax and be yourself ahead of an interview. It’s good advice but you need to find out the best way for you to put that advice into practice!  How you hold and conduct yourself can give away subtle but important clues as to how you are feeling and how comfortable you are answering particular questions. That’s why your body language has a huge influence over how you’re viewed …

Smart tips that can help you read a room

Posted on by Neil Chivers
Being a leader is all about being able to adapt and blend your approach in all situations. Here’s how to read a room and connect with all of your team.

Full Circle Career Path

Posted on by Roxanne Newson
Many of us have a very clear vision for our career. Though sometimes it seems no matter how much you try to stay on the same path, you have no choice but to take a diversion, and end up somewhere unexpected. Moral of the story? You never know what might happen later on down the line, so it’s important to always try and leave things on a positive note. Most people don’t stay in one …

From Customer Service Agent to Head of Mobile

Posted on by Ian Hallam-Day
Hi Ian, you’re our face of Delightfully Surprising but more of that later…. For now tell us about your career journey to becoming Head of Mobile. I started working as a Customer Service Agent at 18, answering phones. At the time I thought it would be a temporary 6-month thing. Long term I didn’t see my career developing in a call centre. But due to the wide amount of opportunities available, I worked my way …