Depression and me

Posted on by Eleanor Stanley
I have worked for Virgin Media since 2013 and have struggled with several bouts of recurring depression over the last 16 years. In August 2016, after continuing to put on a brave face every day for about 18 months, my fear of judgement and personal shame made me feel I wasn’t coping again, so my depression came back and got a strong hold of me.

Transferable skills from the military into the field

Posted on by Lee Williams
What convinced you to apply for a role at Virgin Media? I knew a Manager at Virgin Media who lived locally and had also been in the Army. We had a conversation and he asked, “How do you fancy being a Virgin Media technician?” He gave me an outline of the role and I thought it sounded really interesting. I’d never considered that kind of role before, but the more I heard about working out …

Adapting to life in Telecoms

Posted on by John Haggart
What convinced you to apply for a role at Virgin Media? When I left the Army, I did some cabling through my resettlement process. I thought that would be a good option for me seeing as it fit with the trade I had learned. When I was doing the course, we were working in partnership with Virgin Media and I thought a company like that would offer me better job security. What’s been the most …

From the army into the field

Posted on by Jay Downey
What made you apply to work at Virgin Media? I was actually having Virgin Media installed at my own home and got talking to the installer. I was going through resettlement at the time, and through our conversation I found out that he was also ex-military. He told me about the role and I liked the sound of having a permanent job without having to work on contract, so I applied shortly afterwards. How have …

Building my career in Telesales

Posted on by Laura Lindsay
What made you join Virgin Media? I spent some time working for a supermarket, but my uncle worked for Virgin Media and strongly recommended it to me. I left retail to join Virgin Media and never looked back. I’ve stayed because the commission is good, the benefits are great, and there are always competitions and fun things going on to keep you engaged and rewarded. Also, they’ve been flexible around hours which is helpful because …