The importance of learning

Posted on by Ivan Jones
We caught up with Ivan Jones, Management Academy Lead, about the importance of learning and development.

Keeping my head straight

Posted on by Dave Roberts
For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Dave Roberts and I look after all of our pensions and benefits, and most recently have also taken on responsibility for our Wellbeing strategy. Asides from my work life, I’m also a husband and the dad to two cheeky blighters. Becoming a dad was one of the most magical moments in my life, and whilst it’s not always easy I wouldn’t ever have it any …

Helping our people Thrive

Posted on by Dave Robert
Our people are our brand and their wellbeing is so important to us. We understand that a person’s wellbeing is a deeply personal subject, and it’s something that as an organisation we don’t talk about enough. However, we think it’s time to make a change and ensure that wellbeing around Virgin Media is part of a daily conversation which everyone can feel included in, whether it’s about physical, mental, social or financial Wellbeing. To help …

The benefits of cycling to work

Posted on by Philip Godfrey
For me, cycling to work started as a way of trying to squeeze exercise into an already very busy week. I’d wanted to do it for years, and finally after moving house and moving closer to work I got the push I needed. I started in summer, so weather wasn’t an issue. At first and at certain points it was tough whilst my legs got used to using muscles I clearly didn’t use regularly enough. …

Why coaching should be encouraged

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Learning and developing new skills is essential if you want to move forward in your career. Every task you’ve been set, every project you have worked through has only helped you to improve your knowledge no matter how big or small the takeaway was, you still grew and developed your skills in some way. Many organisations encourage self-learning at all levels. This is an excellent way for employees to take control of their learning and …