How to be successful in Retail Sales


I hear you recently changed roles. Tell me more about your role as a National Account Manager? What does this entail?

Yes I have, it’s all about developing and delivering a strategy to produce new business for Virgin Media with a portfolio of 3rd Party accounts, whilst working to drive the wider High Street Channel plan. It’s also about building strong relationships with our accounts to ensure the reputation of Virgin Media is where it should be.

How long have you worked at Virgin Media?

Nearly 10 years!

What made you choose to work for Virgin Media?

That’s simple; it’s a company that put their people first. I always believe that if you look after your people, the top line will take care of its self.

Have you always worked in Retail? Can you tell me a little about your career journey?

Yes! I joined Virgin Mobile in 2005 as a Retail Sales Executive, selling Pay As You Go phones on a concession stand at the back of a Virgin Megastore. It wasn’t long until I fancied a crack at management, so I applied for a Supervisor position and was successful. Soon after that, when NTL Telewest and Virgin Mobile merged I became a Sales Manager. I then decided to leave Virgin Media for a short period of time to further develop my skillset and was head hunted by DSGI (PC World) and joined their business as an Assistant Store Manager. It was in that role that I learned how to lead, coach and develop a large team. It wasn’t long until I got a call to tell me that a Virgin Media stand-alone store was opening up in my area, so I went for the position of Store Manager and was successful so I re-joined Virgin Media.

7.5 years, 6 holidays, 4 awards and 3 Promotions I’m still here and loving every minute of it.

What characteristics make a good Retail Sales Executive?

That’s easy! To be a great Retail Sales Exec you’ve got to have the desire to be the best and have that killer instinct. You’ve also got to be able to talk to anybody and build strong relationships with your customers by delivering world-class customer service.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the business in Retail?

Just go for it! Also, focus on your development from day one like any new job there’s a lot to learn but once you have the knowledge, the world is your oyster!

What are the main things you look for when hiring a new member of the team?

I look for someone who can I can easily talk to and build a relationship from day one. Personality and positive mental attitude is key.

If you could describe Virgin Media in three words what would they be?

OMFG (Open minded, Fun and Generous)

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

OMFG (Open minded, Fun and Generous)

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I’m taking my career step by step but I would love to be a Head of Department within Sales.

If you could job swap with anyone in the business for one day, who would it be and why?

One of our Installers as I’ve always been involved with generating the sales but would love to see the look on our customers faces when our fantastic product is actually brought to life in their homes and of course I wouldn’t mind spending a day in Tom’s (Tom Mockridge) shoes – but who wouldn’t!!!

Want a career in Retail?

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Posted on by Squire Moorhouse & Roxanne Chand