Where can a career in Virgin Venue take you?

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Understanding whether a career in Virgin Venue is right for you can be difficult decision if you do not completely understand what will be expected of you. This is why we created the ‘Life in Virgin Venue’ playlist to showcase some of our awesome people who are out there doing the job on a daily basis. There are four videos within this playlist. Watch as our people take you through their tips and general advise on what …

The importance of happiness

Posted on by Dom Boon
“….for us, our employees matter most. It just seems common sense to me that if you start off with a happy, well-motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers. And in due course, the resulting profits will make your shareholders happy….” Sir Richard Branson.   This famous quote from Sir Richard Branson is commonly used to push the case for investing in people, managing employee engagement and creating a happy and well-motivated workforce. But …

10 minutes with Paul Main

Posted on by Paul Main & Roxanne Chand
Hi Paul, lovely to finally meet you! So you’re a Regional Sales Manager for Direct Sales, how long have you worked for Virgin Media? Hi Roxy! Great to meet you too, I’ve been with the business for 20 years now. Wow, that’s a long time! What’s made you stay in the business for so long? Virgin Media is such a great company to work for especially if you’re looking to hone your skills, progress and …

Why it’s all about the people

Posted on by Dom Boon
It’s seven years now since I joined the Virgin Group. I started out heading up the People Team at Virgin Active where I spent three happy, challenging and fulfilling years before moving across to the technology, media and telecoms sector with Virgin Media.

How to make your LinkedIn profile work hard for you!

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
LinkedIn has grown exponentially over the last few years and as a business, it’s one of our go-to platforms when hunting for top talent to join our Virgin Media family. LinkedIn is one of the many social platforms that enable you to network and connect with friends, family and brands. However, it’s unique to the fact that it also allows you to build up a professional relationship with a business you would love to be …