How to avoid the stay-late culture

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Let me start this article off with a few simple questions… How many hours are you contracted to work each week? And how many hours do you actually work? Let me guess, you work more than you’re contracted to do and you feel that sometimes there is more to do than there is time allocated to do it. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for some and instead of speaking up; you have instead decided to expand …

New Year, New You!

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Every New Year it’s the same old messaging we hear or see going out in the media, celebrating the year before or setting new goals for the New Year ahead. But in reality, how many of us stick to our New Years Resolution? I know I certainly don’t. That might have something to do with the fact that I have the same goal each year… Give up chocolate ? – Never going to happen. The simple …

Hot Jobs Weekly 19.12.2016

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Hot Jobs Weekly! ? Some great highlights to share with you this week!

Making work and play easier with Jive

Posted on by Freya Crawshaw
Good things happen when we work closer together. So we remixed the best bits of social networks to make a smarter hub for Virgin Media, It’s called Jive. With Jive’s powerful features, it’s even easier for us to share, meet, create and have deeper, more powerful conversations together. It connects us to our colleagues we know – and the expertise of the colleagues we don’t yet know. Here’s our story so far…

Hot Jobs Weekly (12.12.2016)

Posted on by Roxanne Chand
Hello everyone, Roxy here! Welcome to our first ever Hot Jobs Weekly post. ? Hot Jobs Weekly is a blog I will be posting out every Monday at midday with all our latest news and job opportunities that you may have missed last week. So make sure you stay tuned to keep up with what’s going on! Hot News