Building my career in Telesales

Posted on by Laura Lindsay
What made you join Virgin Media? I spent some time working for a supermarket, but my uncle worked for Virgin Media and strongly recommended it to me. I left retail to join Virgin Media and never looked back. I’ve stayed because the commission is good, the benefits are great, and there are always competitions and fun things going on to keep you engaged and rewarded. Also, they’ve been flexible around hours which is helpful because …

The challenges of working in Telesales

Posted on by Marcus Tomassi
What led you to join Virgin Media?  I’ve done many job over the years, mainly in advertising. Many of the companies would be flying high one day, and low the next. There’s been times I’ve not been paid, or the companies were unstable and eventually, I decided I wanted to join a reputable company with a good name. After doing some research, I settled on Virgin Media and went for it. I did an interview …

Being a woman in Direct Sales

Posted on by Lucy Godfrey
How has your career led you to where you are now? I’ve been working in sales since I was 18, starting with door-to-door charity sign-up on one-hundred percent commission structure. That was good for teaching me resilience and work ethic, and really makes you understand that you have to work for what you earn. Then I went into estate agency; that was more sales, more commission. However, the earning potential just wasn’t there. I then …

Day in the life of Karen Handley

Posted on by Karen Handley
What’s it like to work at Virgin Media? In our new ‘Day in the life’ series for our Careers blog, we’ll be featuring the people and personalities who are disrupting the telecoms industry, creating the products which delight our customers and ensure Virgin Media is a red hot place to work.

University vs. Apprenticeships – making the choice that’s right for you

Posted on by Rebecca Hannah
Hi, my names Rebecca Hannah and I’m currently a Higher Apprentice at Virgin Media. I joined the People Apprenticeship Scheme at the beginning of 2017 and as part of the scheme I have completed a Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management while also being accredited to Associate level by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Best thing about being an apprentice I have a number of things I’ve loved about being an …