What is Belonging?

We believe that nobody should be left behind on our journey to build connections that really matter. We all have valuable experiences and unique perspectives. When individuals can express who they are and their individuality is embraced, magic happens.

And let’s face it, Virgin Media is all about creating a bit of magic!

What’s our promise?


  • To build a diverse workforce, where nobody is left behind.

  • To create a safe work environment, where voices are heard and valued.

  • To create Belonging and inclusion across our people, products, customers and society.

The Belonging collective

We have five awesome Belonging networks, who are each supported by a member of our Executive Committee as an ally.  They also have the full backing of senior sponsors from our leadership teams.

In the spirit of true team play, the Belonging Collective networks are open to everyone.  If you want to become an active ally, a member that helps plan events, or you simply want to learn more and show your support, there is something for everyone.

The Belonging Board

Our allies, senior sponsors, key stakeholders and Network Leads meet once a month to share experiences and drive our Belonging strategy forward.  We review what the business is doing and discuss new initiatives, all geared towards ensuring that we are developing a true sense of Belonging.

Empower Network

Our aim is to enrich Virgin Media by celebrating difference in all of its forms, championing talent from underrepresented ethnic groups and building an inclusive workforce that is representative our customers and society.


We’re a network that is here for anyone and everyone, whether you’re LGBTQ+ yourself, or you’re a passionate ally, or you’d just like to learn more.

Our purpose is to ensure that Virgin Media offer a safe space to build community, share stories and experiences and link in with the central steering group to provide ideas and suggestions.

The word prouder is shown on a plum background. The O of the word has a rainbow tail, symbolising the link to the LGBTQ+ community.


We’re all about breaking down barriers to ensure that there is greater equity and equality for disabled people. Not every challenge is visible, so we’re committed to raising awareness of disability across our business.

Our indigo mind

We’re a collective who identify as being, loving, living with, sharing our lives with or caring for someone who identifies as Neurodiverse.

We don’t hold all of the answers, but we understand the ‘hidden difference’ and invite our collective to talk openly about their experiences, to promote awareness at Virgin Media.

red and purple Neurodiversity logo
Images of mirrors and decorative text saying Gender Equality

Gender Equality Network

Our mission is to build an inclusive environment at Virgin Media that celebrates difference in all forms and represents our customers, people and society, we will strive for Gender Equality.

As part of our ongoing commitment to gender equality, we have also just published our 2020 gender pay gap report, which you can read here.

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