The Future

The biggest in the UK and Europe, it’s unrivalled for power and speed. But we’re not resting. We’re investing. In the network and in our people.

We plan to invest an additional £40 million over the next three years to refurbish key sites and acquire new alternative sites for our people.  As part of this programme we intend to create four regional customer operations hubs while also increasing the flexibility of our customer services resources.

It’s not enough to stay ahead of the game. We’re going to re-write the rules.

Right now, our combination of voice, broadband and video products, combined with TiVo, sets the standard in homes across the nation.

The future is all about going beyond the home, and beyond the norm. We’re going to explode the possibilities – giving people the communication, entertainment and connectivity they want, whenever and wherever they want it.

That means any device, anywhere. It means the freedom to use Wifi hotspots when you’re out and about. And it means the safety and convenience of cloud storage.

Back at home, things will be better than ever, with ultra hi-def TV offering four times the resolution of HD. Gesture, retina and voice control will make accessing TV content effortless. And with home Wifi speeds up to ten times faster, you’ll surf more smoothly than ever. What’s more, innovative Home Control technology will see you monitoring security, energy and even health from the comfort of your own home.

What the future holds...

Wifi Calling

Use your home Wifi or a Wifi hotspot

Biometric TV Interface

Gesture, retina and voice control

Ultra Hi-def TV

4 times the resolution of HD

Home Control

Security, energy and health monitored from home

The Cloud

All your services in the cloud

Augmented Reality

Presenting your virtual world

Home Wifi

Up to 10k faster than todays. Up to 7000 Mbps